DeLanna Studi

DeLanna Studi - We Are Still Here Cast

DeLanna Studi (Western Band of Cherokee) has always been a firm believer in fate. DeLanna started performing at the age of three. Her father, a stoic Cherokee, thought she would outgrow this phase. After all, no one from Liberty, Oklahoma could possibly be an actor! DeLanna studied theatre at Northeastern State University in Oklahoma and the University of Arkansas. Her father graded every performance. He gave DeLanna one week to move to Los Angeles. On the day she was scheduled to return, DeLanna found an apartment and stayed. DeLanna is currently touring Southern California schools with her one-woman show Kick. She has been in We Are Still Here, On the Showroom Floor and Pennyman. She’s on the way to proving that even a girl from Liberty, Oklahoma can be an actress.

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